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Outriders: New Horizon officially announced

It's coming tomorrow as part of a free update!

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People Can Fly made it clear early on that Outriders is not a live service game. It is a complete experience whose content you access by playing. However, they also said that traditional expansions and updates could come later.

Now it's time for the latter with New Horizon, a huge free update that offers four new Expeditions complete with more weapons, new enemies and a range of improvements to the basics. The latter includes the ability to create a more unified look by taking the design from one weapon or piece of equipment and then using it on something else.

The game's new new Expeditions, however, are the most exciting. It involves four new areas to visit where the time limit has been removed. This means you can push through and explore at your own pace instead of rushing ahead to get good loot. The courses are called Molten Depths (ice caves in the Eagle Peaks area), City of Nomads (a sort of sacred ruined city), The Marshal's Complex (reclaim a factory from rebels - with a hefty twist) and The Wellspring (where you go to find artifacts in a well used for sacrifice by the Native Americans).

We'll be reviewing Outriders: New Horizon, so keep an eye out for that here on Gamereactor. It was also revealed that we can look forward a proper paid expansion next year called Worldslayer, which People Can Fly will tell us more about at a later point.

Below you'll find images from the generous free update that actually will be released tomorrow.


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