Outriders developer People Can Fly hit with layoffs

30 employees have been let go from the company.

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2023 was a miserable year for layoffs in the video game industry, as we saw thousands of folk losing their jobs. But 2024 is already looking to be a worse year, as despite still being in January, we're nearing 50% of the total layoffs that were reached during the entirety of the 2023 calendar year.

Following Riot releasing 11% of its workforce (over 500 employees), Kotaku has now reported that Outriders developer People Can Fly has been met with layoffs too, seeing over 30 employees being released from the company.

As for how this will be affecting the studio's development pipeline, it's noted that the cuts are only related to the upcoming Square Enix-published Project Gemini, which is also seeing a further 20 employees attached to this project moved onto a different project at the company.

We're now nearing 4,000 lost jobs in the games industry in 2024 alone.


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