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Outriders Broadcast 4 details final class, the Technomancer

It also showed post-game content, and how the title's modding/crafting systems will operate.

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The latest Outriders Broadcast has concluded giving us an insight into what we can expect from the last class, post game content, and the modding/crafting systems. Here's a summary of what was shown.


The final class will be the Technomancer, who is particularly skilled at sniping, summoning, freezing, and healing teammates. This class is built around three core tenets; Ordnance, Gadgets and Decay, and will feature eight Powers - five of which were shown off during the event.
They are:

- Tool of Destruction, an interchangeable skill that allows Technomancers to flip flop between a mini-gun and a rocket launcher.
- Fixing Wave, a healing ability that is exclusive to this class, and can heal allies, abilities, and the Technomancer itself.
- Pain Launcher, missile launching ability great for dealing heaps of damage at range.
- Blighted Turret, an automated turret that inflicts a toxic effect.
- Cold Snap, a freezing Power that locks enemies in place, making them easy targets, or simpler to escape.

During the broadcast, we also discovered that the Technomancer's three skill trees will be Pestilence, Tech Shaman, and Demolisher, and that we can respec our skill points into new trees whenever we like, to try a new playstyle.


Post-game content was also revealed. Known as Expeditions, these will be missions packed with tougher enemies and new areas to explore, and new mechanics to figure out. With 14 available to play at release, they will have varying difficulty choices, and will reward special loot. Here, you will be able to level your weapons up further to account for the extra challenge, however your Outrider will not be able to pass level 30.

As for modding and crafting, this will allow your weapons and armour to further enhance your playstyle, for example by adding Mods that can freeze enemies upon damage, or enhance certain abilities. They will be equippable with resources, as will your weapons be upgradable with resources.

Set to release on February 2, 2021 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Stadia, Outriders will feature cross-play at launch, as well as a free next-gen upgrade, alongside a pre-order bonus for those who get in early that provides access to the Hell Riders set of cosmetics. Considering Outriders prides itself on zero micro-transactions, and on being a single-purchase experience, this pack will not impact gameplay, only appearances.

You can watch the entire broadcast right here:


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