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Out There

Out There: Ω The Alliance hits Switch next week

We had a chat with publisher Raw Fury's Timothy Busby about the expanded port of the mobile original.

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Out There, originally hit iOS and Android devices in 2014, and it perhaps best compared to the runaway space roguelike hit FTL: Faster Than Light as you manage resources to try and get back to safety after an astronaut gets stranded "out there". It has since been released on PC, in the shape of The Omega Edition (2015), adding extra content, and now indie publisher Raw Fury Games has picked up the rights to publish an even more expanded version, Out There: Ω The Alliance, on Nintendo Switch eShop (April 9) and Humble Store soon thereafter. There will also be a demo version on the Nintendo Switch eShop in the near future.

Here's some handy graphics to see what the differences are between the three versions of the game:

Out There

We recently had an opportunity to look at the game and chat with Raw Fury's Timothy Busby about what this new version of Mi-Clos Studio's strategy game offers.


There's also an announcement trailer that you can check out below along with a couple of screens.

Out There
Out There

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