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Oskar returns to Mousesports' CS:GO roster

ChrisJ makes way.

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The Eleague Major has concluded, with Astralis picking up the victory, yet the action in CS:GO is not over, as the off season will no doubt see transfers take place, one of which has already happened. After a somewhat disappointing show in Atlanta, Mousesports has deemed it necessary to make changes to secure competitivemess heading into spring.

The CS:GO team arrived at its second home in Atlanta with high hopes after an excellent preparation. "It's what makes this failure even more disappointing," Mousesports CEO Cengiz Tüylü said in a post on the team's site. "We had extensive holidays, we had a long bootcamp, where the guys worked hard and had very good results in practice but once the pressure was on in Atlanta we couldn't deliver the performance we had hoped for. We show some potential here and there but we can't manage to do the next step. With how fast paced the tournament circuit is, we decided it is necessary to change things on and off the field. Besides the change in the lineup, we will further professionalise the conditions and the 'team around the team'. With that being said, it is time for everyone on our lineup to step up and maybe review their work attitude going forward."

This "change in the lineup" comes in the form of Thomas "oskar" Stastny, who will be rejoining the starting five. "I feel great," Oskar said. "I fixed a lot of things in my private life and I'm finally ready to play CS on a top level again. I was waiting for another opportunity and I was constantly working on my skills."

Thomas will be taking Chris "chrisJ" de Jong's role, avoiding any major shifts in positions. The longest standing member will move to the bench, and the team captain Nikola "NiKo" Kovac believed change was inevitable. "Chris is a long time friend and the best roommate I had on the circuit," he said. "We are all very close in the team and we believed that our chemistry would carry us but it could only take us that far. So obviously this is tough for all of us. The new team will be hungry for success. I want to apologise to all of our fans for the bad performance at the major. We are going to start over and get results in as quick as possible."

"The decision came as quite a shock to me," ChrisJ added. "I can understand it, though. The core of the lineup has tried many different things for a long time and it just never seemed to work as much as we all wanted. I would like to wish the guys the best of luck for the upcoming Katowice qualifier and DreamHack Las Vegas. Personally, I hope to prove myself again in the future. I am still very motivated to play and will certainly not give up on the game. Huge thanks to all our fans that supported us through all highs and lows"

Do you think oskar is a good swap for ChrisJ?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Mousesports

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