Heroes of the Storm

Orphea helps HotS "solidify our chunk of identity"

She's the first original hero to come to the Nexus.

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Heroes of the Storm is a game that's known for bringing famous Blizzard heroes together in an epic battle, but at BlizzCon we heard about the first original character coming to the game. She's called Orphea, and we spoke to Kyle Dates and Lana Bachynski in Anaheim to hear about why now is the right time to do this.

"Well for Heroes of the Storm it is a celebration of all things Blizzard, so we have all these different universes that we have access to to bring in and pull together, and give our players the opportunity to try all these new things, but we knew looking at 2018 that we were going to be finally bringing in Warcraft in a big way with the Alterac Pass event that we had earlier in the year, and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to go back to Heroes of the Storm's roots," Bachynski said.

"So when we first launched the game we had all this new, unique content with these unique maps [...] we have all these unique personalities, and we finally wanted to sort of go back to that and solidify our chunk of identity and broaden how much more different types of content we were able to bring to the player base."

For more on Orphea you can check out the videos down below. Are you glad to see an original hero like this?

Heroes of the Storm

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