Orion dev claims Activision forced the game off Steam

Weapons are apparently too similar to those in Call of Duty.

The developer of Orion, Trek Industries, claims that Activision has forced the game off of Steam. The reason for the accusation: the guns in the dino shooter allegedly look too much like the ones found in Call of Duty.

The developer posted his thoughts on the matter via the Steam community page and said that a DMCA takedown request had removed the game from Steam. It seems to be removed from Steam altogether at the moment.

Although there was some confusion initially, the game removed was actually Orion rather than Orion: Prelude, although the posts about the issue by developer David James were posted on the page of the latter.

Activision, he claims, filed the request due to similarities between the weapons in the game and those in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, as well as those in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. He also claims that "no specific assets or images were provided to me" regarding which weapons were similar, so he had to make a guess and uploaded comparison images of the weapons onto the same post.

He lamented that the game was removed during the time of "the biggest sale event of the year" and that, according to him, no effort was made to contact them regarding their assets or their defence before taking action.

After assuring fans that the developers are hard-working and committed to their games, he ended with an appeal. "We need everyones help and support to rectify this immediately as this erroneous claim has already costed what is a very small team a significant amount of money and we need it remedied ASAP so we can get back to work on real content, something that Activision should take note of."

More details are given in other posts regarding the issue, one from yesterday saying that the developers "immediately offered to remove ANY offensive content (as it wasn't specified) and this was not accepted". He also claims that Activision have until July 7 to file a legal complaint, otherwise the game will be reinstated as well as being unconvinced that the similarities of weapons are enough to warrant the action being taken. Activision has not yet commented on the case.


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