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Origen reveal Spanish talent team

While the top team is based in Copenhagen, this new venture called Origen BCN will operate out of Barcelona.

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Rfrsh Entertainment has revealed that their League of Legends team operated by Origen has announced a Spanish talent team, which is based out of Barcelona while the core LEC (League of Legends European Championship) roster operates out of Rfrsh's base in Copenhagen.

Origen BCN - as this Spanish branch is called - will be working under the same performance model as the original team. Here's what Origen General Manager Martin 'Deficio' Lynge had to say about this new venture:

"Origen is born in Spain and even though we're creating an international team and brand initially based in the Rfrsh HQ in Copenhagen, we want to maintain the strong connection with the original Origen DNA. The talents and team will be working under the same performance model and philosophy as the mother team and we are pretty excited about this set-up giving us ways and channels to talk to both the international fanbase and the Spanish fans in the strongest national league in Europe."

Below is the team in full, along with all of their roles and a coach:

Top: Mathias Szygenda Jensen - Szygenda
Jungle: George Daniel Savu - Speedy
Jungle: Nikolai Akatov - Zanzarah
Mid: Michal Dubiel - Roison
ADC: Alexander Svetozarov Kostadinov - Venzer
Support: Adrian Moldes Lopez - Homi
Coach: Baltat Alin-Ciprian - AoD

Are you excited to see Origen return?

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Photo: Origen

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