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Origen picks up Hybrid and Forg1ven

As promised, Origen has revealed who will replace their departing bottom lane duo.

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As part of yesterday's reveal that Zven and Mithy were leaving Origen, the League of Legends team mentioned that replacements had already been found, and that they would be annouced today. The org has now made good on that promise.

It turns out Zven and Mithy were traded to G2 Esports, and that G2 would send their starting support player, Glenn "Hybrid" Doornenbal to Origen as part of the trade.

As to their new AD Carry, Origen has made a surprising choice: Joining the team is former H2k player Konstantinos "Forg1ven" Tzortziou. Forg1ven is a controversial player, to put it mildly. Last year he received a four game ban for toxic behaviour in League of Legends' solo queue, which effectively cost his team at the time, Gambit Gaming, any shot they had at making the playoffs. He received a fine for similar behaviour in 2014.

His relationship with his most recent team, H2k Gaming, doesn't appear to be the best either. One former team mate, Oskar "Vander" Bogdan, ranted on his Twitch stream that he would leave H2k if they brought Forg1ven back.

His in-game results speak for themselves, though, as he's reached semifinals in both 2016 and 2015, and got the LCS MVP award during his stint with SK Gaming in 2015.

Forg1ven's new team seems optimistic, however. Top laner Paul "sOAZ" Boyer took to Twitter to welcome his new team mate, writing: "Personally i have nothing but respect for Forg1ven, he has been trying harder than anyone else since he started competitive league to prove himself on a international stage. He might not [have] had the best mindset before but we have exeperienced players to work with him on that."

In the official statement from Origen, Forg1ven himself writes: "I am looking forward to play AD for Origen in the upcoming summer split which i consider the greatest challenge of my career. I will put my maximum effort to assist OG on achieving its goals."

League of Legends
Forg1ven during a post-game interview from this year's Spring split. He has now joined Origen along with support player Hybrid. // Photo: Riot Games

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