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Origen are now relegated from the EU LCS

This is the second split in a row they've faced relegation.

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It's no secret that League of Legends team Origen, competing in the EU League Championship Series, have had a dismal run this split, and two more defeats over the weekend means that they are now official relegated into the promotion tournament.

This is the second split in a row the team have been relegated to the promotion tournament, after facing defeats to both Team Vitality and Splyce last week to make it 11 losses in a row, without a single win this split.

Elsewhere in the group, Splyce look likely to claim the final playoff spot, but in Group A, however, Fnatic and Roccat are fighting to get the final playoff place, with the latter turning a very poor form around to get two weeks of victories.

Where do you think it went wrong for Origen?

League of Legends
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