Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest devs want a sequel and a movie

Moon Studios hints at future plans, confirms that the game was profitable after only a week.

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If you loved Ori and the Blind Forest as much as we did, and are wondering how well it sold - the answer seems to be: very well. In a lengthy post over on Neogaf, Moon Studios CEO Thomas Mahler says it was profitable after only a week and that the distributor Microsoft is really happy and adds: "...so we'll see about Ori's future :)"

In another post, Mahler admits that he has been thinking about the future for Ori: "I have somewhat of an outline now of where I'd like to go with the IP in the future, if we'd get to work on another Ori-related project."

Ori and the Blind Forest

According to Mahler, Moon Studios created a lot of lore for Ori and the Blind Forest that was never used: "There was actually quite a lot of lore we created that didn't really make it into Blind Forest."

"I do really like that we kept the story focused on that triangle-relationship between Ori, Naru and Kuro. I love that our characters have quite a lot of depth and that even our antagonist isn't just out to take over the world, but has a good reason for her actions.

"But it'd be interesting to take it a step further and open up the world a bit more, to give people further insight into how Nibel works, the characters in it, etc."

Mahler also said that Moon Studios is hiring and has five different projects going, ranging from indie to huge, but that it's too early to talk about exactly what they're working on.

The team is scattered across the world instead of sitting in an office somewhere, and they mainly work on the projects that they want to. Mahler thinks that is appealing.

"I think a lot of people are really interested in our way of working, the 'virtual office' kinda thing, etc. - and I think a lot of people are just super hungry to work on passion projects instead of doing work on the, without trying to sound disrespectful, 'factory games'."

Besides another game with Ori, there is another thing Mahler would like to do with the franchise, and he ends by saying:

"Ultimatley, I think it'd be amazing if some movie studio would acquire the film rights and produce a film based on Ori. I think the story we crafted would suit itself really well for that medium as well..."


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