Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Orange: 'I predicted me and Hoej would face in winners bracket'

The player told us about his first day in Group A of the Hearthstone World Champs.

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In the first day of the Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) World Championship Orange had to face his friend Hoej in Group A of the competition, and when we got to speak to Orange he told us how he felt going into the match against his friend, and how the score didn't necessarily reflect the game.

"Matchup-wise I was pretty worried going in. I think that Hoej had one of the better lineups versus me in the tournament so I felt unfavoured," he told us. "I actually predicted me and Hoej would face in the winner bracket, but instead we both lost, which was like the opposite of what was expected in the group, and it was really, really bittersweet in one way to beat him. Me and Hoej are good friends and beating a friend never feels good, but then again I came here to win the World Championships, so it had to be done."

"I don't think that a 3-0 record really tells the entire story. So how the matchup was going to pan out was that we had two decks against each other that were like really good, and then I had a Hunter deck and he had a Paladin deck that were both stacked up really badly against other decks in our lineups, so me getting those first two wins with a Priest in a row was kind of expected, and then he kept queueing the Paladin, which was the problematic deck for him, and then I managed to win with Hunter versus Paladin. So if he ever got a win with that Paladin, the matchup would have probably went the opposite direction, and I would've probably lost, so even if I just lost that third game I might've lost the entire series."


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