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Optimus Prime is getting the Lego treatment

It'll release in June.

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Lega has been doing a lot of collaboration with major brands over the year, but we believe this is a new one, as they have now announced a line of Lego Transformers. If you have been building Lego during the last five years, you are probably aware of how ridiculously advanced they have become, but we still believe the Danish Lego wizards have outdone themselves this time.

First out is Optimus Prime, who will be launched in June. And with so little time to go, it should come as a surprise to no one that his design has already leaked. And it turns out it's G1 Optimus Prime, really looking like he should, and it's even hard to tell that it is in fact Lego. Also, of course he transforms.

Check the leak out below and be ready to make your reservations if you intend to get it, but want to avoid scalpers on eBay. This icon will sell out really fast.

Optimus Prime is getting the Lego treatment

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