Gears of War 4

OpTic's former Gears of War team signs with NRG

Just as Gears 5 is released, NRG picks up the most successful team in Gears of War esports.

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The Gears of War roster that used to play for OpTic Gaming - consisting of Gilbert 'Xplosive' Rojo, Alex 'SuMuNs' Ascencion, Brian 'SoLuRs' Valenzuela, Arody 'Praized' Dipre, and Billy 'MentaL' Putnam Jr. - have all been signed by NRG, along with coach Nick 'Ashes' Ridgeway too.

This comes after the team departed OpTic Gaming earlier this year, and the announcement also coincides with the release of Gears 5 as well, which presumably means a different esports scene as The Coalition's new title progresses.

Speaking of Gears 5, you can check out our brand new review here. Can the squad continue to dominate?

Gears of War 4
Photo: Gears of War Esports

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