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OpTic Gaming reveal Greenwall VR community space

Launched alongside social VR company Sansar.

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Esports organisation OpTic Gaming, which has successful teams in games like Call of Duty and Overwatch, have teamed up with Infinite Esports & Entertainment to reveal Greenwall VR, OpTic's first virtual reality clubhouse launched alongside social VR company Sansar.

This VR space allows fans of OpTic to socialise with others as well as engage with staff and players of the teams, all within a VR environment you can access right here. This allows the community to watch games with each other, submit fan art, and participate in events, with future Greenwall VR events and activities including both virtual and real awards.

"With fans and teams based all over the world, we wanted to create a truly immersive way for our community to come together as the Greenwall and feel like they're a part of something bigger," said Oslo Green, VP of VR at OpTic Gaming. "By introducing virtual reality to esports spectatorship, we're taking the first steps into creating a grander, more immersive, and more modern approach to traditional sports fandom, community and interaction."

Do you think this is a good way to bring the OpTic community together?

OpTic Gaming reveal Greenwall VR community space
Photo: Sansar

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