Oppenheimer surpasses half a billion dollars at the box office

Christopher Nolan's latest epic can't keep pace with Barbie, but has steamrolled Mission Impossible 7.

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The box office has been on fire as of late. Meg 2: The Trench had a rather surprisingly big opening weekend, Barbie breaks the billion dollar threshold, and Christopher Nolan's latest effort, Oppenheimer, is powering on impressively as well.

As Box Office Mojo shows, Oppenheimer has now cracked the half a billion threshold, and has risen to become 2023's seventh highest-grossing film. With such a significant climb over the weekend, it will no doubt only be a few days before it beats what The Little Mermaid achieved in cinemas to become the sixth biggest movie of the year.

As for Tom Cruise's latest work, Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One. While that film hasn't had a miserable go of it at the box office, it has now dropped behind Oppenheimer, despite debuting over a week before Nolan's film, and is now around $ 6 million away from the half a billion marker itself.


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