Oppenheimer is now the third biggest movie of the year

It has overtaken Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 to claim the spot.

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The sky really does seem to be the limit for the Barbenheimer trend. As we reported recently, Barbie is now the biggest movie of the year, after it dethroned The Super Mario Bros. Movie after surpassing $1.38 billion at the global box office over the weekend. While it isn't as successful as Greta Gerwig's vibrant film, Christopher Nolan's epic has also enjoyed another lavish weekend, and has now overtaken Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 to become the year's third biggest film.

Oppenheimer has now earned more than $850 million at the global box office, which means to climb any higher in the 2023 charts, the film will need to earn around another $500 million to catch the Mario flick and Barbie (although the latter will likely continue to rake in ticket sales as long as Oppenheimer is).

In terms of new movies, The Equalizer 3 has started off relatively strong and managed to earn just shy of $70 million at the box office over its opening weekend, making it the 37th biggest film of the year already, and putting it ahead of The Boogeyman, 65, Knock at the Cabin, Asteroid City and more already.


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