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      Rainbow Six: Siege

      Operation Blood Orchid's map might not be in esports rotation

      Rainbow Six: Siege's Alex Remy revealed this to us at Gamescom.

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      We were recently in attendance at Gamescom in Cologne to speak to both Rainbow Six: Siege's brand director Alex Remy and esports director François-Xavier Deniele, and while we were on the topic of the upcoming Operation Blood Orchid update, Remy revealed that the map might not be considered in the esports rotation, at least at first.

      "The thematic of the map is an abandoned theme park that's sort of in the outskirts of Hong Kong, so it's an exciting new destination we're going to, so I'm very eager to see how people will play it out. The map is what we'd qualify a more exotic map, so maybe we don't aim it for the moment as a competitive map that can be played on the competition and esports, but let's see how that goes, because as you know when we introduce new content we usually test it with pro players and see how that fares, and if it's balanced enough then we may potentially add it in the map rotation."

      Are you bothered that it might not be in the map rotation, or are you just excited to play it yourself?

      Rainbow Six: Siege

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