Open world Star Wars game in the works?

Report: Is it Visceral's game, or something entirely new?

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It appears that EA Canada might be working on an unannounced Star Wars title, after several recent job postings from the studio indicated as much.

A former recruiter for EA tweeted that a potential job role was related to Star Wars, while a job listing for an animation director at EA Canada (who are usually known for their work on sports titles) also states that they're recruiting for "a major new next gen action game".

All of this has been put together by Superannuation (on Kotaku), who points out that, if this is a new game, it's the third Star Wars title in development at EA studios. The one that's common knowledge is DICE's take on Star Wars: Battlefront, while Visceral Games are working on an unnamed project.

However, it's suggested in the report that EA Canada may simply be working with Visceral on their project, as one of the job adverts calls for experience with multi-studio development. Given EA Canada's primary focus is on sports, it would take a significant recruitment drive to bring in the people needed to create a new title, and so far there's only a handful of jobs that have been listed that could be potentially linked to a project set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Open world Star Wars game in the works?

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