Halo Infinite

Open world biomes and side-quests confirmed for Halo Infinite

Dual-wielding will not be in the game, however.

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343 Industries was very secretive with everything Halo Infinite until the botched gameplay reveal last year in July, which led to a major delay and a shift in how they worked with the game. Instead of keeping everything a secret, they are now very open, and shared a ton of new details in a Q&A video just before the weekend.

Amongst other things, it was revealed that Halo Infinite will have several biomes, although mostly based on Pacific Northwest. Still, there will be swamps, Banished strongholds, mysterious Forerunner remnants and other stuff to discover. There is also different wildlife depending on the hour of the day - but none of these are hostiles.

The day/night cycle isn't just a graphical showcase, and there will be different enemies during night time with other types of equipment and weapons - and we're also promised more sleeping Grunts. There will also be different types of weather, but more extreme ones like sandstorms and snowstorms will be added at a later point.

Another thing 343 Industries mentioned was that there will be side-quests, but there is of course a main-line story as well for people who prefer that. Something that won't be in the game, however, is dual-wielding as the developers just don't think it fits with what they are doing.

Halo Infinite launches this fall for PC and Xbox Series S/X. 343 promises to be back next month with more information, and we recommend all fans to check out the lengthy video below.

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