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Only eight teams remain in this year's Mid-Season Invitational

A third of the attending teams have already gone home.

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While only 12 teams qualified for the Mid-Season Invitational for the competitive League of Legends season this year, and despite only one weekend of action behind us for this tournament so far, already a third of the teams have been eliminated and sent home.

This is because the Play-In stage for the event wrapped over the weekend, meaning half of the teams that were partaking in this section have already been knocked out. The other half have advanced to the Bracket stage, where they meet and join up with four other teams (the leaders in the LEC, LCS, LPL, and LCK) to continue fighting for a slot in the grand finals later this May.

As to who has been sent home, the LCS' FlyQuest, Brazil's LOUD, Vietnam's GAM Esports, and Latin America's Estral Esports have all been eliminated, whereas the LCK's T1, LPL's Top Esports, LEC's Fnatic, and Asia-Pacific's PSG Talon have all advanced onwards.

This does mean the bracket for the Bracket stage has been locked in, meaning we know when each team will be playing one another and who they will be playing first. You can see this bracket below, ahead of it kicking off very soon, all before the finals are held on May 19.

League of Legends

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