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God of War: Ragnarök

Only a three month delay: God of War: Ragnarök to arrive in November

Once scheduled for 2021, Kratos' return will be hit by a final delay until next year. [Update] Jason Schreier claims otherwise and that Kratos will return in the fall.

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[Update June 10]

In this case -official confirmation pending- all sings point to our being wrong, and we publicly acknowledge as much. As we've been doing for many years at Gamereactor, we gather info from several sources throughout Europe, and not until we corroborated the potential delay of God of War: Ragnarök with several, traditionally reliable sources from different countries, did we feel comfortable publishing the story. Journalist Jason Schreier, who's usually very good at these matters, has investigated his side and contacted us to confirm that there won't be another long delay for Santa Monica Studio's anticipated work, as per written on his just-published article. Specifically, the delay will be of three months only, and not four plus, as the game was planned for September originally. So unless there's a last-minute surprise, it seems that our sources, even though they've been accurate multiple times in the past, have seemingly slipped here, and therefore, when all this is made official, we'll be more diligent with them going forward. Good news, at any rate, for PlayStation fans, as the end of the year won't look so dry in terms of exclusives, apparently.

[Original text]

Even though it seemed closer than expected based on classification boards and data bases (as close as in September), God of War: Ragnarök will finally hit PlayStation 5 and 4's physical and digital shelves in 2023. The delay, which Sony hasn't made official as of yet, has been confirmed by several European sources to Gamereactor.

With the company's recent State of Play presentation focused solely on third-party content and the first PS VR2 games, and with no PlayStation Showcase scheduled so far for the summer, both tomorrow's Summer Game Fest livestream or a potential own digital event later in the summer seem like the best occasion to make the news official. Recent insisting rumours dating The Last of Us Remake in September might also reserve a place for Joel and Ellie within upcoming showcases, but Ragnarök's delay would space them out in the calendar.

God of War: Ragnarök was the mic drop for the original PlayStation 5 Showcase in September 2020, with a teenage Atreus showing off his renewed rebelliousness a year after. Now it all indicates Eric Williams' bigger sequel won't be ready until some time next year, with the actual release window yet to be confirmed.

Were you expecting God of War: Ragnarök to be delayed? And when do you hope it will release?

God of War: Ragnarök

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