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Only 7 teams will compete in Clash of Clans ESL June qualifier

8 teams were meant to be there, but visa issues have meant that one team had to drop out with short notice.

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The June ESL Qualifier for the Clash of Clans World Championship is taking place this weekend, and while you might have expected eight teams to be there, Supercell has released an update post explaining why that won't be the case.

"With the June Qualifier starting this weekend, we wanted to be transparent regarding a sudden and unfortunate development. Due to an unforeseen issue with travel documents, one of the Clans invited to the ESL Qualifier was forced to drop out and will be unable to attend the event. While we try to offer as much assistance as possible, ultimately we are unable to overcome many of these obstacles, whether they are personal, legal, or political challenges and some Clans have been unsuccessful in obtaining visas to travel to the event, one of the requirements stated in the ESL rule book," the developer writes.

"The suddenness of this circumstance left us without enough time to invite the next ranking Clan. Therefore, this weekend 7 Clans, instead of 8, will be competing at the June Qualifier in hopes of securing a ticket to the ESL World Championship later this year. And while one less Clan will be in attendance, the Qualifier will be just as epic featuring only the best attacks and defenses in Clash of Clans!"

The race to the World Championship has just hit a bump then, but we can at least expect seven teams - Nova, NosBellumSumus, Kings, Intz, Polish Power, QueeN Walkers, and Top of Japan - to compete in Supercell's game this weekend.

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Clash of Clans
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