Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Online Fight Pits added to Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Free update lets your Orcs fight against Uruks and Ologs.

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If you've been feeling like you need more Middle-earth goodness in your life, there's good news, as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a free content update for Shadow of War that adds Online Fight Pits to the game.

In this mode players can train their Orc followers by letting them fight against Uruks and Ologs from the armies of other players, and by fighting in the pits players can get upgrades and rewards to improve their army, so it's not just a case of witnessing destruction for the sake of it.

The Online Fight Pits update is one of five free content updates which will be added to the game, with players receiving Endless Siege, Rebellion, and an Enhanced Photo Mode already. Which has been the best update so far though?

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

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