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Oninaki's Daemons shown off in new trailer

These give you access to different skills and weapons, and the Lost Souls will assist you on your journey.

Square Enix has released a new video for action-RPG Oninaki in which we can see some of the Daemons that can help us in the upcoming game, developed by Tokyo RPG Factory, and these will be joining Watcher Kagachi who is trying to usher Lost Souls into the next world.

These Daemons are a specific kind of Lost Soul that can't be reincarnated, but instead they'll help you in the heat of battle, representing a particular weapon type each. You can swap Daemon skills at any time to use unique attacks, with the trailer giving you a sense of what all this means.

Oninaki will be coming to PC, Switch, and PS4 this summer, and we also have a bunch of new character images that you can see below.

Which Daemon appeals most?

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