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OnePlus7T to be revealed on the 26th of September

The next device in the OnePlus family is set to be revealed this coming week on September 26.

The OnePlus7T is set to be revealed next week, however, there is also another event planned for next month. While the Tweet posted yesterday by OnePlus hasn't revealed much, we at least know that three reveal events will take place, India and North America on the 26th of September, and one in London on October 10th.

While the tweet confirms the 90Hz display, expected specs include faster charging, Android 10 and Snapdragon 855+. What is expected but not guaranteed is that the device will have a triple Camera like iPhone, and increased battery capacity.

Both the normal T and T Pro models are expected, with 3800/ 4085 mAh, but rumours have it that not all parts of the world will get both phones, and some, most likely the Americans, will only get the 5G version of the normal OnePlus 7.

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