Forza Motorsport 5

One third of Xbox One owners have Forza 5

Microsoft release some stats as the free Road America track launches.

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Microsoft put on their creative spinning hat today as they pronounced Forza 5 the best-selling racing game (by console attachment) over the past decade.

Of course, with no major racing games on either PS4 or Wii U that'd be close to the attach rate of Forza 5, that phrasing certainly feels creative.

Still, the fact that one Forza Motorsport 5 has been sold with every third Xbox One is something to note and it means the game should have passed the million mark with margin.

Some other stats revealed by Microsoft are:

"In-game, players have been busy, driving over 653 million road miles. For a little context, that is the equivalent of circling the planet 49,223 times. Players have also participated in over 94 million races, putting in a combined 8 million hours of total gameplay."

Turn 10 have also made a new track, Road America, available for free download - so if you've got the game you really should get it as it will find it's way into every facet of the game including the career mode.


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