One Piece

One Piece's second and third seasons seem to be filming back-to-back

Hopefully that means the wait between the two won't be as long.

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It didn't take long after the debut of One Piece on Netflix for the streamer to greenlight more episodes. The show was a massive success, drawing in huge viewing numbers, which is why it's not a surprise that Netflix wants more One Piece, something it committed to with a fast Season 2 order. But it looks like a second season is just the beginning, as the streamer has seemingly also ordered a third season too.

In a recent interview on What's Popping! With Bruce Crossey, One Piece actor Brashaad Mayweather, known for playing Patty in the show, stated that a second and third season of One Piece is actually being filmed back-to-back.

"We'll see if they flash back to its because they're filming two seasons - season two and three - back to back starting soon. So we'll see what happens."

Netflix has not officially announced the order of a third season yet, making this news all the more surprising. Hopefully though this does mean that there won't be as long of a break between the second and third season, as there will be between the already available Season 1 and the in-production Season 2.

One Piece

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