Spec Ops: The Line

One of the 2010s best shooters has been taken off the Steam Store

Spec Ops: The Line is no longer available to purchase on the platform.

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Spec Ops: The Line released back in 2012 and for many gamers it was an entirely different shooter from what they were used to. Instead of just including bombastic action and portraying the all-American heroes as the perfect badasses, instead we got a story that had us wondering if there were even any "good guys" at all by the end.

Now, to the shock of many, the game has been delisted on Steam. So far, there has been no official explanation given, but this does feel strange as it happened completely out of the blue with no warning. There are some comments speculating towards a music license expiring, but we'll have to wait on official word until we can confirm if that's true or not.

If you're just hearing about this game via this news, don't worry, as it can still be picked up on the Xbox Store and some other 3rd-party stores for PC. It's possible that it will return to Steam in time, too.

Have you played Spec Ops: The Line and what did you think of it?

Spec Ops: The Line

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