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Apex Legends

One million players tried Apex Legends in eight hours

Apart from a couple of hiccups along the way, it appears that the launch of Respawn's battle royale was a success.

Yesterday EA and Respawn announced and then released Apex Legends, a new game set in the Titanfall universe that brings battle royale mechanics to the studio's sci-fi shooter series.

We have to confess that we knew a bit about the game ahead of time, as we sent someone to LA to see the game before its launch (you can read those extensive impressions right here), but even having seen it behind closed doors, you never can be sure that a launch is going to go smoothly. Happily for everyone concerned, it seems as though yesterday went as smooth as silk.

As explained in a post over on Reddit, community manager Jay Frechette confirmed that apart from a couple of minor server-side hiccups, the game was stable enough to host more than one million players in less than eight hours. Not too shabby as far as launches go.

Apart from the aforementioned server issues and some problems purchasing in-game currency on Xbox One, everything appears to have gone according to plan. At some point today there's going to be "a small server side patch to address some stability issues", but otherwise it's business as usual.

Frechette also added that the studio is going to keep talking to the community and he asked directly for feedback on the game so far.

Check out the launch impressions linked above to find out more about the game, and stay tuned as we'll have a full review of the game in due course. The deep dive trailer below also sees Respawn looking a little further ahead, with seasonal updates planned for June, September, and December.

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