One Military Camp

One Military Camp presents its first demo, available to all until 30 January

Abylight begins the countdown to the release of its military camp management simulator in February at the Steam Base Builder Fest.

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From time to time, the Steam platform celebrates a few days where it promotes a publisher or even a particular genre of video games, with offers and free trials of the titles in its catalogue. It even organises trials of upcoming titles, as in the case of the Spanish title One Military Camp, from the studio and publisher Abylight.

We have already told you about this management simulator in which we have to build, optimise and manage a military camp and all the members who train and live in it. And taking advantage of the fact that the Steam Base Builder Fest is taking place these days, Abylight has organised a free demo from the 23rd to the 30th of January, so that everyone can get a closer look at the game, which is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2023.


This demo allows those who have already tried one of the game's betas to see how far along the development is, and contains the following gameplay segments:

  • Start of campaign with integrated full tutorial and the first 4 missions

  • All gameplay mechanics implemented:

  • Construction.

  • Recruitment.

  • Training.

  • Personnel management.

  • Resource logistics management and base maintenance.

  • New interface revised with all the feedback received in the beta.

  • Treatable diseases and injuries of 5 different types.

  • Research and upgrade of buildings.

  • Defence against enemy spies and drone attacks.

  • Economic management. Money lending.

One Military Camp

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