OlliOlli World

OlliOlli Worlds' final expansion arrives in November

Finding the Flowzone will bring new game mechanics and an all-new storyline.

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Private Division and Roll7 has announced the second and last expansion for the vibrant skateboarding title, OlliOlli World. Known as Finding the Flowzone, this expansion will take players to a rumoured city in the sky, where they will be teaming up with the Radmospheric Three (Squid, Licht, and Professor Planks), who are working to stop the nefarious business frog, B.B. Hopper, from exploiting the city.

It's said that in this expansion, players will come across the tempest skate god, Gail Force, who will offer up Windzones to trick within, which allow you to get major air so you can perform super impressive aerial trick combos.

Otherwise, it was added that the expansion will actually be arriving very soon, on November 2, 2022 to be exact, and that it will be retailing for £7.99 as a standalone purchase, or as the second and last major content addition for those who grabbed the Rad Edition

OlliOlli World

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