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Old Man's Journey

Old Man's Journey makes its way onto Switch today

The award-winning game shuffles onto the hybrid console with new features.

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Old Man's Journey came out in May 2017 and was very well-received. Not only did we give it a great score, but it also won the Apple Design Award 2017 and Indiecade Europe Media Choice Award, among many others. And today, February 20th, the game is making its way to the Switch!

In addition to the regular features from the previously released version, which has you guide an old man on an emotional journey filled with light puzzles, the Nintendo Switch version will include:

  • Motion pointer, stick and touch controls

  • Brand new 2-player mode

  • Supporting TV, Tabletop and Handheld mode

  • 1080p in docked and 720p in undocked mode

  • Pro Controller supported

  • HD-Rumble

Are you ready to follow this old man on his journey onto the Switch?

Old Man's JourneyOld Man's Journey

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