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Fallout 4

Old games get dramatic improvements with Xbox Series S/X

By running titles directly from the hardware, Xbox Series S/X is looking to breathe life into older games.

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Late last week, Sony revealed their full plans for the Playstation 5 backwards compatibility. While we were pleasantly surprised by this, with virtually all Playstation 4 games being playable on Playstation 5, Microsoft has raised the bar even further. As you might know, they have previously revealed that all Xbox generations will be supported (although not every title from the original Xbox and Xbox 360 will work, but many of them will, with 100% from Xbox One planned) and that they have automated features in place to make them work even better. Now this has been demonstrated further.

Fallout 4

As you might know from reading Gamereactor; Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One are using the extra horse power available with the Xbox Series S and X by running games directly from the hardware. This can lead to a more stable frame rate, or even increased if it is unlocked. For games with variable resolutions, this might also end up higher. Then there's a feature called Auto HDR, which adds HDR to older games that came out long before HDR even was a thing. This means way better colours for classic titles, which makes them more enjoyable to play. Check out these examples of Subnautica and the really old Fuzion Frenzy, which came out for the original Xbox back in 2001, below.

Fallout 4

Something Microsoft hasn't been very vocal about is how Xbox Series S and X dramatically can improve a games frame rate. We already know how this will work in Gears 5, but today's example is even more impressive. As you might recall, Fallout 4 has a hard time doing a stable 30 frames per second for the current generation. So how does this fair on an Xbox Series S with the built in SSD? As you can see, it not only runs it rock solid - it doubles it to 60 frames per second.


Basically, if you have any favourites from previous Xbox generations, you should take the opportunity to enjoy them for Xbox Series X, to see it in updated glory.

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