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Old asset from Rockstar's Agent surface

We haven't seen them before, but they're not exactly fresh.

Some may remember of Rockstar's currently MIA project Agent that was announced back in 2009 as a PS3 exclusive, and the last we heard about it was the trademark being renewed in 2013, but other than that it's been radio silence on the title. Well Reddit user CaptainThump has uncovered some environments and assets from the game from the resume of ex-Rockstar employee Darren Hatton; however the assets are from 2009/2010.

The images show off a small, empty village in a desert-like Middle-eastern environment. The game was meant to be set within the "darkest hours" of the 1970's, presumably with the game focusing on the espionage of the Cold War. Within the resume, Hatton stated that he's "Not sure if the project will ever be published" and that the art team were taken off production of Agent to work on Grand Theft Auto V.

This isn't the first time that Agent screenshots have been leaked through resumes, as it happened back in 2011 (courtesy of GameInformer) with environment artist Leigh Donoghue, whose portfolio is now inaccessible.

Given that development of Agent was likely put on hold a few years back it is highly uncertain whether we'll ever get to see the game, and if we do it will likely look a look different than this.


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