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Okami gets apparel collection via fashion brand SuperGroupies

Fans of the phenomenal adventure title Okami can now adorn themselves with Okami-themed fashion.

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Are you a fan of the beautiful adventure game Okami? Do you perhaps feel like dressing up in Amaterasu-inspired fashion? If so, fashion brand SuperGroupies, (via Dualshockers), which has previously released game-themed fashion and accessories, has something for you, namely an apparel collection featuring three items inspired by Okami. The three items are a faux fur blouson, a pair of sneakers and an umbrella.

The faux fur blouson (The fluffy fur apparently reminds the wearer of Amaterasu, as noted on the store page, which is an extra bonus) has Ameterasu's name embroidered onto the chest pocket and the blooms that follow Amaterasu covering the lining. Issun also adorns the tag. The item will set you back 22,800 yen (+ tax).

If you're not looking for a jacket in the middle of Summer, the ivory white sneakers could be more your thing with red accents such as Amaterasu's forehead mark adorning the shoe tongue and the lingering blooms printed on the insole. The sneaker comes with two different shoelaces, flat or fluffy, both in ivory white and costs 10,800 yen (+ tax).

Lastly, the collection features an umbrella with beautiful artwork printed on the entirety of it, finished off with a red "hem" edge. The tie wrap also features an illustration of Amaterasu and Issun cuddling, so what's not to love? This piece goes for 6,800 yen (+ tax) and all items are available via this link.


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