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Dota 2

OG Esports is bringing a different roster to Dota 2's Berlin Major

The esports organisation has been battered with VISA issues once again.

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OG Esports has made the announcement that it will be attending the Dota 2 Berlin Major with a slightly different roster to the one that it secured qualification to the event with. The reason behind this decision is down to VISA application problems, which are stopping certain members of the team from travelling to and attending the in-person tournament.

As noted in a post by OG, the organisation reveals that the VISA process was seemingly going well until three applications were denied last week, meaning the team had to scramble to find replacement players to stop itself from having to forfeit its spot at the event.

With this being the case, OG has announced that Kartik "Kitrak" Rathi and Ivan "MinD_ContRoL" Ivanov will be stepping in for two of its members.

As for when the Dota 2 Berlin Major will be set for, the tournament starts today and runs until May 7.

Dota 2

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