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Offworld Trading Company

Offworld Trading Company gets free multiplayer client

This releases at the same time as the Market Corrections DLC, which shows us why humans left Earth in the first place.

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Mohawk Games and Stardock Entertainment have revealed a brand new multiplayer client coming to Offworld Trading Company for free, being announced alongside the release of the Market Corrections DLC.

The multiplayer client can be found here, and if you like this mode can can upgrade to the full game on Steam, which is currently £4.65 after a 70% price reduction ($6.00 USD, or € 6.00). The Market Corrections DLC, however, is currently 10% off, costing £2.60 ($3.59, or €3.59).

Market Corrections tells the story of why humans fled the Earth, featuring three new single-player campaigns focused on three CEOs - Reni-6, Ilana Kamat, and Frank Dawson. On top of that players also get 12 new maps modeled on different points on Mars.

For more on Offworld Trading Company be sure to check out our review of the base game. Have you tried it out yet?

Offworld Trading Company
Offworld Trading CompanyOffworld Trading Company
Offworld Trading CompanyOffworld Trading Company

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