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Offworld Trading Company

Offworld Trading Company confirmed for Early Access

Explore Mars in a new economic RTS from Civ IV lead designer hits Early Acces in two weeks.

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Mohawk Games has just announced that their new (and first) game, Offworld Trading Company will Steam Early Access in two week's time. The game has been playable as part of a Founder's program, and it is only confirmed for PC. Offworld Trading Company is a real time strategy game, with a bigger focus on economy then weapons.


According to the press release, players will explore Mars while trying to found untapped resources. The game was created by Soren Johnson, designer of Civilization IV, and it will cost $39.99, on Early Access and at full release (there's a 10% discount if you pre-order). If you want to find out more about Offworld Gaming Company, there are plenty more details on the official website.

Offworld Trading Company
Offworld Trading CompanyOffworld Trading Company

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