Official: Shuntaro Furukawa is Nintendo's new president

Tatsumi Kimishima has stepped down.

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Shuntaro Furukawa has finally taken his new role as Nintendo's President, and Tatsumi Kimishima has officially stepped down. The move was announced a few months back, but wasn't in effect until now. Both commented on the transition during the company's 78th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, as reported by Nintendo Everything:

Kimishima: "I was appointed president due to the sudden passing of our former president, but due to the support of a great deal of good people - including shareholders - the Switch was released without a hitch. I don't think I could retire at a better time. Thank you very much."

Furukawa: </em>"I will now be taking office as president and will serve as such at all future Board of Directors meetings. As a company, we will continue to change with the times, but no matter what we will continue to be a company that incorporates flexibility and ingenuity into the entertainment we produce - and continue to be devoted to making people smile."</em>

In the past Nintendo has tended to stick with its presidents for the long haul, remains to be seen if the same is true for Furukawa.

Official: Shuntaro Furukawa is Nintendo's new president
Shuntaro Furukawa on the left, Tatsumi Kimishima on the right.

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