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Official Game Boy Advance and Game Boy emulators for Nintendo Switch seemingly leaked

Files from Hiyoko and Sloop, emulation systems developed for Nintendo Switch Online, have recently appeared in 4chan.

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That Nintendo is using the Nintendo Switch Online service to offer retro games for Switch is already a fact. For a few years, the hybrid console has been expanding its NES and SNES games catalogue and, after the release of NSO expansion pack, with Nintendo 64 and Mega-Drive games. It doesn't seem they're going to stop there, because there are new clues pointing to Game Boy Advance and Game Boy games.

Two long rumoured platforms for the online service of the console, as an alternative to the Virtual Console which will end up disappearing completely, are back in the spotlight after an unexpected leak. The Twitter user Trash_Bandatcoot has recently found in 4chan the GB and GBA emulators that Nintendo would be planning to use for its games in Switch: Hiyoko for Game Boy and Sloop for Game Boy Advance.

Even if the data are not recent, the Game Boy Advance emulator seems to work properly, being compatible with an extensive list of games including Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire, Golden Sun, Mario Kart: Super Circuit and many others, in addition to the confirmed support for linking consoles features. Regarding the Game Boy emulator, the Hiyoko version leaked seems fairly early in development.

Both appear to have been developed by NERD, the Nintendo European Research and Development team. In any case, the company has not commented on the matter yet and the appearance of these files, apparently drawn from a development kit, does not mean an official announcement any time soon.

Official Game Boy Advance and Game Boy emulators for Nintendo Switch seemingly leaked

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