Octopath Traveler II

Octopath Traveler II introduces The Merchant and The Scholar

It's time to meet the new characters.

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Octopath Traveler II launches in February next year after getting a surprise announcement back in September. With only three months left to go, Square Enix are now starting a video series introducing the new characters we're going to join for adventures.

This time, we're meeting the merchant Partitio who seems to be something of a goody two-shoes, great at making deals and hiring extra muscles. We are also presented to the scholar Osvald, a person sentenced to a lifetime in jail after being accused of really heinous crimes. Being a criminal, he has the ability to scrutinize and mug people.

We also get to see plenty of gameplay, including new ways of travelling around the huge world. Check it all out below.

Octopath Traveler II

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