Observer: System Redux

Observer: System Redux is coming to PS4 and Xbox One

It's also simultaneously seeing a physical release on July 16.

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Bloober Team has just announced that Observer: System Redux, the souped-up version of its cyber punk inspired psychological horror will be arriving on PS4 and Xbox One on July 16. Also, on the same date, the game will be receiving a physical release for the very first time across all available platforms. Dubbed as the Day One Edition, the physical release will cost you £24.99 and it contains the game, a softcover artbook, and a soundtrack.

If you're unaware, System Redux originally launched last November for PS5 and Xbox Series. It includes many improvements to the 2017 original including three additional side quests, 4K visuals, and a reworked stealth system. Obviously, the PS4 and Xbox One versions won't be able to take advantage of its full list of features like ray-tracing, but it should still represent a sizable improvement over the original.

You can take a look at the physical versions of the game below:

Observer: System Redux

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