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Nvidia and Asus show off the world's first 360Hz monitor

Esports pro n0thing shows off how the smoothness affects performance in CS:GO, and those at CES can test it out too.

Nvidia has just released a trailer showing off what they call the "world's fastest esports display", which is also the world's first 360Hz monitor, the Rog Swift 360, which was designed by Asus with competitive gaming in mind.

This 1080p monitor is powered by Nvidia G-Sync, measuring 24.5" across, and CS:GO pro Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbert shows it off in the video below, with GeForce Esports Product Manager Seth Schneider breaking down the features.

Many gaming monitors operate at 240Hz, and as n0thing says in Nvidia's trailer, the new monitor allows for quicker reactions and smoother performance, which is important for shooters like CS:GO on PC.

Nvidia will be taking these monitors to show off at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this month, letting visitors get a taste of the refresh rates as low as 3ms.

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Nvidia and Asus show off the world's first 360Hz monitor

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