Nuclear Throne

Nuclear Throne to get Update 99

A modder has joined the team too.

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Talking to Gamereactor this summer Rami Ismail said Vlambeer's two-man team was "very excited to be back" as a developer. Now, via a letter to the Steam community, Ismail has announced both the exit of their previous "hibernation state" and the imminent release of Update 99 for Nuclear Throne, more than a year and a half after 98.

"Now that we're feeling creative again, we decided to return to form with an long-long-long-awaited final major update to Nuclear Throne for PC, Mac, and Linux", writes Rami in his letter.

Besides, Vlambeer is no longer two halves, as "we've hired YellowAfterlife (the creator of the Nuclear Throne Together mod) and worked closely with community members and feedback to create an update 99 that is worthy of the wait".

The update, however, won't add new content to the acclaimed action game, but will improve performance, modding, and the quality of the overall experience. To share every detail about their return and Nuclear Throne's U99, the team will host an AMA at Reddit on Tuesday November 6, and the update should land shortly after.

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Nuclear Throne

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