NRG Esports take home the Smite World Championship

The favourite claimed the trophy.

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NRG Esports won the Smite World Championship yesterday to claim their second title in a row, beating Obey Alliance in the final to continue their run of good form.

Luminosity Gaming offering firm resistance against the tournament favourites, however, NRG Esports still managed to overcome, meaning that they faced Obey Alliance in the final, who had beaten the likes of Team Eager to get there.

It wasn't pushed to five games like with Luminosity, however, as they won 3-1, the consolidation point coming just too late to make a difference, with NRG countering, meaning they took home $500,000 US dollars for first place. As an appearance fee, they also received $100,000.

Are they the force to be reckoned with in Smite right now?

Photo: NRG Esports

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