Kirby Star Allies

Now you can pre-order a gigantic Kirby plush

For the most dedicated Kirby fans out there.

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The platform game Kirby Star Allies will be released for Nintendo Switch worldwide on March 16, and because of this an absolute huge Kirby plush is now on sale over at the Japanese site P-bandai.jp. We doubt this will ever be sold outside of Japan, but the site do international shipping, so pre-order one if you think your life would be better owning one of these beasts.

It will be released in June and the price tag is pretty massive a 15,400 yen (roughly €115 / £101) - which of course doesn't include the shipping which is likely to be very big as well as it weighs almost six kilos and is 60 centimeters tall. There is a box of Japanese manju cookies included though, which might soften the blow somewhat as those as good. Kirby is also holding a manju cookie in his hand and according to a comment on the webpage, that's how he became so big.

Will you pre-order this plush Kirby?

Kirby Star Allies
Kirby Star AlliesKirby Star Allies

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