Gran Turismo 7

Now you can drive the Volvo 240 in Gran Turismo 7

Swedish fine culture has reached Gran Turismo 7.

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Swedish fine culture has reached Gran Turismo 7. In the latest update where a handful of cars are offered, a real welfare wagon is included, a vehicle that is worthy of the name - namely the Volvo 240 hatchback.

Perhaps not the most expensive of cars, but still a cultural treasure that means something very special to most Swedes. In addition to the Volvo, the update also includes the Nissan Skyline GTS-R (1987), Honda Civic SiR・II (1993) and Honda NSX GT500 (2000).

The full list of changes and additions can be found here.

Are you still playing Gran Turismo 7 and will you test drive the Volvo?

Gran Turismo 7

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