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Now you can cook Kevin's famous chilli

The Office's Brian Baumgartner is releasing a 177-recipe chilli cookbook.

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The US Office has some of the best and most memorable opening skits in all of television. One that is unanimously loved is the Kevin's famous chilli scene, where Brian Baumgartner's iconic character brought a massive tub of chilli into the office before accidentally spilling it all over the floor and then proceeding to panic whilst attempting to clean it up.

Today, you can learn how to cook chilli like Kevin, as Baumgartner has revealed that he is releasing a cookbook known as Seriously Good Chili Cookbook: 177 of the Best Recipes in the World. It's a hardback book that sees Baumgartner also talking about his time on and off-screen, and even includes an introduction from the author himself as well as a foreword from Oscar Nunez, a fellow The Office star known for his portrayal of Oscar Martinez in the series.

While you can pre-order the book today on Amazon for £19.99, it won't be released until October 11, 2022. But if you are looking for extra information on the book itself, you can read the description below.

"Brian's first-ever cookbook is all about his favorite food both on-screen and off, and he has scoured the United States and beyond to find the best, most savory recipes! Featuring 177 chili recipes hand-picked by Brian Baumgartner and stamped with his "seriously good" approval rating, Seriously Good Chili Cookbook contains new and inventive ways to spice up chili for all occasions, all year long!"

Now you can cook Kevin's famous chilli

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