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Notch removed from splash text in Minecraft

His name is still in the credits, but elsewhere reference to the controversial developer has been subtly removed by Mojang.

Markus 'Notch' Persson was one of the minds that founded Mojang and created the phenomenal success that is Minecraft, but in recent years he has garnered a controversial reputation for political opinions on social media like Twitter, gathering criticism for his attitudes towards race and sexuality, and now it seems as if Notch's controversial past has resulted in some changes to the game.

The patch notes for update 19W13A reveals that Mojang has removed all splash text featuring Notch, as spotted by Twitter user decrepitlab. In fact, when looking at the game files, decrepitlab could find no mention of Notch whatsoever, and while we don't know exactly why this is, one would assume this is because of the attitudes he has expressed online and the heat he has received from this.

The patch also adds an Accessibility Button, but no doubt the big talking point of this update is the removal of Notch's name, something that hasn't gone unnoticed by the man himself, who has alluded to the reports on Twitter by saying "The door's about to slam shut".

That said, Notch still appears in the game's credits, so his contributions to the game haven't been entirely erased.

Is this justified?


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